Don’t sleep on it!!

Don’t sleep on it!!

Most of us have been awakened to these words “It’s Time to get Up!” and often we struggle to move. We are left only to pulling the covers over our heads and asking for more time to stay exactly where we are.

We feel like we need more time to sleep in our warm and comfortable beds, but every time we doze back off while we hear our names being called.
This is the season to GET UP and move forward with what God has been calling you to do. Doing so is not about you ability to do so, but more so your availability to be used be God.
What have you been allowing fear to keep you stagnant and paralyzed on?
What are you sleeping on? Is it a business you are suppose to start? Is it a book you are suppose to write? Is there an idea you need to invent? Is there a new relationship you need to cultivate? Should you be Going back to school?

Don’t sleep on your thing - IT’S TIME TO GET UP!

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Yes!!!!!! Amen!!


Needed this sis thanks💋


We all definitely need to get up and wake up for sure, thanks for this

Aaron Brown

Let’s get to it! I won’t sleep on my thing. I can’t sleep on it. Thank you for this post.

Diamond Cogburn

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