It’s Time!

It’s Time!

God’s time is called Kairos time.
It is a time, not measured by the clock, where God has chosen ‘the right moment’ or the ‘opportune’ time to act out His divine wishes.
In Gods time, old rules, methods, traditions, habits, mentalities, and ways doing business do not work any more.
The ground shifts and the rules of the game are changed. In His timing, His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours and time aligns.
He holds time in His hands.
Learn how to be STILL and really trust God's timing. 
Guard and Protect anything that would cost you too much to lose again, whether it's your peace or even yourself. 
Just make sure you put up Gates not Walls. Gates will allow the right things opportunities and people in your life.
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On time!!!!!!

Diamond Cogburn


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