Love Frees Never Controls

Love Frees Never Controls

Let’s be honest, relationships are hard. I’m getting anxiety just writing this blog. Lol.

Since we all desire relationships yet most of us don’t and won’t admit that we don't know what we are doing.

So when we finally get into a relationship we try to control the other person. Partly, because we are so happy to even be in one that we don’t want to lose it. However, we wand up doing just that by projecting our own fears, jealousy, insecurities and lack of understanding onto the other person.

Some women say they want a strong man but end up trying to turn him into a little boy by consistently calling out of insecurity, worrying, babying and suffocating the hell out of their man.
When you have a man who knows what they want, has a balanced life and does things outside of you that makes him happy some women almost force them to give up those things with the demands of the relationship. 
Some men want a nurturing but independent woman yet when they don’t feel needed the feeling of inadequacy emerge. Nurturing now becomes viewed as her trying to control you.
So, you try to change her but you change the very essence of a woman. Her strong but sweet nature. She is said to be the rib. The rib covers and protect. And a woman when loved properly will cover the heart and mind of her man from the world. 
Love doesn’t control. Love is not confused or contradictory.  Love is freeing.  Love is supposed to bring out the best in each person and that is at times hard work and challenging. Real love is worth the effort. You are worthy of self love while you wait and during your connection to another.
Don’t control love, free it and let it be. Love will find it’s way home because home is where the heart is.  
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