No Fear!

No Fear!

The majority of us want to give life and receive love freely, but we operate in Fear even though it may not be obvious to us that Fear is indeed at the forefront of our lives.

Since we demonstrate courageousness in other areas of our lives, we mask our Fear with a surface level expression of love based off of past experiences that were not so good.

Vulnerability opens up the possibility of being hurt and disappointed again, so we avoid altogether. The result is that we long to open up and freely be ALL of whoever can be as it concerns giving and receiving love, but we do so with half-hearted efforts.

In this process, some retreat to the child in themselves for protection as others isolate themselves in running from their truer desires.
Will you ever have the courage to give all of ourselves in giving and receiving love?
Will you continue to dishonor the integrity and disharmony within yourself, never being allowing the authentic person God created you to be to shine?
Protection should prevent you from being hurt, but it should not prevent you from experiencing Love in its totality.
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Couldn’t have said it any better
Key'nyia Paige

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