Have you ever been frantically looking for something, only to realize that what you were eagerly searching for was right under your nose?
It happens to the very best of us (ok, some more than others). Maybe it’s our keys, or worse the sunglasses sitting on top of our head!

Other times, we overlook the good thing in front of our face because of another thing we are focused on.

Whoa! What have you missed? And what are you missing out on, that’s right in front of your face right now?
What is causing you to potentially veil your own eyes from the blessing right in front of you?

Are you missing out on an something amazing that God has placed right before your eyes because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would?

For some, noticing this amazing thing could be as simple as shifting your heart-focus, your expectations, or your perspective of what should be!

This kind of shifting could completely change your life!
Open your eyes and Look around.
What are you overlooking?

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Thanks sis your the best!

Key'nyia Paige

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Yessss!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus! Confirmation 🙌☝️

Takima Allen

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