Prepare for what you are praying for!!

Prepare for what you are praying for!!

So often we request things in prayer and wondering why have yet to receive them. But do you have room for them? 

Are you prepared for what or even who you are praying for? Is there something or someone that currently occupies that space?

We are creatures of habit and some of us won't let go of one thing until we have the other in sight or in our hands. But, Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 

So it's not until you let go of what you think you want God can give you what you need. So check your closets see what has overstayed it's welcome. 

It's a New Year and it's a New Season! STOP trying to carry old things and people into a place they were NEVER designed to go. At the place you let go......this is the place that your destiny begins to unfold. So Let go....make room

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Through him, anything is possible. Thanks for posting 🙏🏽






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