You Shall Reap!

You Shall Reap!

We all have faced challenges, trials, and circumstances, and no matter the severity, it feels your instance always feels more extreme than anyone else’s.

We become overwhelmed, over worked, worn down to just point we want to throw the towel; struggling to see a way of escape. All because Our situation make it appear that it would be easier to give up than to press forward.

But your ‘Due Season’ is Here! 

Like a farmer sows seeds and then has to wait for the harvest (having no control over the timing of the growth), we are required to have faith in God that what we have sown shall produce the harvest in due time.
So, do not grow weary in well doing for you shall Reap if you faint Not.

“Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, OPEN your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” - John 4:35

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Your the best sis. Thanks for everything.

Key'nyia Paige

Amen Ms. Perry!
As a child I remember visiting my uncle Joe on his farm in Virginia. He came through the door and asked me to follow him outside. We sat atop his tractor and drove to middle of his fields. The air was filled with a horrible stench. I asked him what it was that smelled so bad. He said it was the excrement of horses called manure and that it didn’t smell bad to him. In amazement I asked him how could that be. He said that he spent all morning before the sun had even risen spreading it all over everywhere. I was stunned by his answer and asked him why would he do such a thing. Then he said the most unbelievable thing. He said that the manure was actually necessary for the crops to grow strong and plentiful. He explained that by spreading it all over as far as the eye could see and having faith in God to bless his hard work, he could expect a great and bountiful crop at harvest season.

He then pulled me closer and looked me directly in my eyes and told to always remember this moment. He said that at some point in my life I would come to a place and time where life will seem to stink horribly. Instead of experiencing the fruits of my work, labor and sacrifice, I will be surrounded by crap for as far as my eyes will see in every direction. It would be at this time where I would need to remember this moment where my uncle explained that all the crap that I went through and was surrounded by has a magnificent purpose! It would be the time for me to remember that my faith in God and my hard work will reap a great harvest in due season.

I was amazed by his teachings on top of that big tractor that. In fact, he asked me a question that changed my life immediately. He asked if I could still smell the awful stench that I spoke of earlier. In absolute shock and amazement I realized that the smell of the manure didn’t really stink anymore. I asked uncle Joe what he had done to me. He said that he hadn’t done anything and that I had done something to myself. He assured me that I had learned a powerful life lesson. I was confused. What had I learned? He said, “You learned that if you change the way you look at things then soon the things you look at will change! We have within us the power to change our lives and our reality simply by changing our mind! The truth is …
We hold the potential of our lives captive within the confines of what we allow ourselves to learn, accept and believe.”


Your words of wisdom are so inspiring and encouraging. Let God keep using you as a vessel! Continued Blessings!😍

Monique M Brown

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